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Eric returned home on August 27th, 2011!!!!!

He was transferred to Yaounde, Cameroon on August 13th, 2010.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Eric's email of November 26th, 2009

So yeah, I've already been on my mission for three months, geez, and in Cameroon for nearly one month. Its already going by kinda fast, and others have told me it just starts going faster the longer you're here. Sometimes I think to myself, "just make it to the next p-day..." and then I get there and I don't even know what happened. But things are going well, its just starting the dry season so its supposed to just get hotter and hotter, while it gets colder and colder there. But I'm going to go through and answer the questions now before I forget:

So, it's weird, because I can remember the MTC and it still feels like I wasn't there that long ago. But also it feels like I've just been in Cameroon forever, and I don't feel different or anything like "wow, I'm in Africa", or things like that. But it is weird to just think how far away I am, like pretty much on the other side of the world. Sometimes when I go to bed or wake up, and look at my clock, its weird to think what time of day it is there, and what you guys are probably doing at that time. And no, I really can't imagine cold rain or orange leaves.

So thank goodness Thanksgiving is on p-day! Right after we finish with emails, we are going to go play football! It will be 4 on 4, because we have four elders from Bonaberi (where I am) and four in town in Bonapariso. But then we will have dinner at the Willis' tonight, just like every p-day. And I assume we will have some Thanksgiving-ish type foods.

So my French is coming along pretty good, I think. I kinda had a mini-apiphany (probably spelled that horribly, sorry) about some verb conjugation stuff this week. Lik I could never remember how to say "appeared", like appeared in a vision, and what the auxiliary verb and stuff is. But then, I dunno why, but I just understood it, that it should be "ils sont apparu" , like for the first vision. Its weird because "ils sont apparu" literally means "they have appeared", which makes more sense to me as an anglophone.

So at night, year its pretty hot. But thankfully we each have a fan, so I don't die. I just turn it on and put it right in front of my face, and sleep with no covers and its fine. Yes, I've been using sunscreen on my face every day, and I haven't gotten sunburnt at all yet, which is probably a surprise to you. And yeah I got a haircut last week sometime, and its super short. But there is this one church member who cuts hair for his job, se we just go to him. He just buzzes us, but then he also squares off your hairline all African style, so he cut off my little widow's peak triangle. Now its starting to grow back and it looks a little weird, but whatever.

But its great to hear that everyone is helping with Thanksgiving dinner, and I hope you guys enjoy the turkey bowl, lucky. And the real Thanksgiving food. I want yams, you could send me some if you want.

So, about my week, the highlight was probably that there were a record number of people at church on Sunday, of 46! There were people almost falling off the back stairs because we had to go find extra chairs and fit them up on the second floor where we hold church.

Also, we set a baptism date for this one family (we call them the Saye family). They are preparing for baptism on January 2nd.

We also are teaching this one group/family of 4 people, consisting of Shilah 1, Shilah 2, Harrison (Shilah 2's brother) and Festus (Shilah 1's husband). But they all came to church last week and said they liked it.

So last week, we got 40 lessons! I know it is not about numbers, but we just thought that was good. Also one Friday we got 10 lessons in one day, so that helped. We started an hour early to teach this one lady because she worked the whole rest of the day til after we finish. And at the end of the day, we stopped by to just say hi to a member and his friend who we gave a brochure, but then we ended up doing a lesson. It was a long, but rewarding day.

Well those are about all the highlights from this past week. Tomorrow we are going on exchanges because people need baptism interviews, so I'll be with the zone leader, scary! Not really, my companion just told me to not do anything stupid. But yeah, I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and the turkey bowl and watch some football for me!

Je vous aime,

p.s. On Saturday...Go Utes!

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