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Eric returned home on August 27th, 2011!!!!!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Eric's email of December 3rd, 2009

Dang, 100 days already! That's weird, and we are getting a new missionary a week from today so I won't be the newest already. But anyways, the questions:

So our Thanksgiving went really good I thought. We played football (yes, with an actual American Nerf football) on this dirt field in the middle of the highway entrance. It was just 4 on 4, cuz there are only 8 in the whole city. And the other team won, because we played cruddy, but all well. We need to play soccer soon on a p-day. But then after we went back to the Willis', showered, and had a Thanksgiving dinner that was actually pretty good. Some of the Willis' children who come to visit them brought stuff from the States. The turkey was the only thing that wasn't that good, and I missed yams. But besides that it was really good.

So we have an electric piano in our apartment that one of the missionaries carries to the church each Sunday. And its actually in a member's house, like a real house with 2 floors. But we always sing the same darn cantique each week in sacrament, but I can't remember the name of it. But this week we moved sacrament meeting to downstairs in the bigger living room, rather than on the 2nd floor/the balcony. Up there it is windy or stormy, it's not good. But I haven't played the piano yet because there's the one missionary whose been doing it. But I bet I will eventually on my mission. I know the church in town, where they actually have a building, has an electric piano there that just stays there, so I'm pretty sure each branch has one.

The sports updates are fine like they are, they aren't distracting me. But this week I actually found out the score of the BYU-Utah game because my companion knew I wanted to know. So at church he told Elder Willis to find it, then he told me at the end of the day Sunday. All well.

I almost always wear contacts, but today I'm wearing my glasses, actually. But the problem with the glasses is that when I sweat (which is always), it drips onto the glasses and they slide off, and it just doesn't work. But I usually wear glasses on p-day just because I'm not doing anything that will make me sweat.

So yeah, sorry I haven't sent any pictures yet. But today I finally remembered to bring the thing so I can plug my card into the computer at the Willis' tonight. So tonight I will send home some pictures for you guys. And the haircut isn't that funky, its just a buzz, and my little widow's peak has pretty much already grown back. But yes, I will send those today.

So my exchange with the zone leader went really well. And the best things happened actually, when we had an appointment fall through and decided to go find new people. So the first building we rang, was of a Muslim family who was getting together because last Friday was a Muslim holiday called "Feast of the Rams" or something like that. So we went in, saw they were all getting ready for a party and decided we didn't want to bother them now. So we wished them "bon fete" and left. But then one of the younger girls came back and told us we were invited inside. So we went in and talked with their family for a little bit. And they gave us fulery (I don't know how to spell it, but its this purple drink that's pretty good, but takes some getting used to) and these bread ball things that I forgot the name of.

Then after that, we rang the bell for the building next door, and got invited in again. And when we walked through the gate, this old lady said, "are you Mormons?" And that is weird, because no one calls us Mormons. But we went in and talked with her, and she told us she lived in Salt Lake City for 2 years, had just recently returned and was planning to go back sometime. She also has 2 sons in Salt Lake City now, and other kids in other places. And she also had lessons with missionaries there. But so we re-taught her the first lesson and are going back tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we had another 10 teaching appointment day yesterday. I'm just lucky to be in an area where that happens. Others have told me Bonaberi is the highest teaching area in the mission. And things are going well with a good number of our amis, we have 3 right now with a baptismal date, potentially a family of 4, and a couple others who are coming along well also.

So this week, I ate something that you will probably think is gross. But I will start by explaining some things. So here there is something called "soya". And basically, soya is just any kind of meat on a stick. And so we get it so often, and sometime we even go to someone we call "soya man" at night and grab a sandwich filled with soya meat for dinner, and it is delish.

But a couple nights ago, we were walking and this one kid was carrying soya around in a bucket, and my companion suggested I get some. So I bought one for 100 CFA (which is about 20 cents btw) and I ate it, but I didn't know what it was. It was a little spicy, but I liked it. And my companion told me it is called "congo meat". And then when we got somewhere where there was light, we saw that it was snails. But, I still finished it and it was pretty good, like I said. So yeah, I ate snails off a stick this week.

We also learned about transfers this week, and one elder in our apartment, Elder Lisowski, is getting transferred to Yaounde. And he has been in Bonaberi ever since he left the MTC, which has been over 10 months, dang. But we are also getting a brand new missionary as his replacement, so all the companionships in Douala will have trainers and trainees.

So last night we were teaching Shilah, who is an anglophone. But what's funny about everytime we go to see her, her daughter is outside, sees us, and yells "white people!" Oh, and her name is Precious. But Shilah has had pretty much all the lessons, and has come to church twice. But last night we asked her if she has prayed if the church is true, and she said yeah. And then I asked her to pray about baptism, and she said she would, so that is great.

But I think that's about it for now, but I will make sure to send pictures tonight. But things are going well, even though it is still hot as crud. And they've told me February is the hottest and dryest. So I might die then, but we'll see. Oh, and I'm going to try to send an email to the Dejeu family today also, and in French. I hope you all are still doing well, and have fun getting ready for Christmas!


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