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Eric returned home on August 27th, 2011!!!!!

He was transferred to Yaounde, Cameroon on August 13th, 2010.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eric's email of December 17th, 2009


Alright, more stuff and how much it costs, and remember 500 CFA is basically $1:
- Well the lady at this internet café just asked for 500 CFA for a small can of Fanta, but I didn't buy that because I can get a 1/2 liter for 390 at the store later.
-For milk, we buy this can of some kind of concentrated sugar milk substitute, and mix it with water, and it costs usually 1100 CFA

So about the World Cup, I don't really know where Cameroon got put. I have known that they qualified, but that's all I know. And yes, Eto'o is LeBron James here. But its weird, because during the previous Cameroon game for qualifying, the game was not even broadcast for the first half, and I don't really know why.

So for the phone call... I have found out, that I will be calling you guys. It will be on Christmas Eve, sometime after 2 PM Cameroon time. So that is in the morning for you all.

The guy in the Redskins jersey, that is Stanley, and he is a member of the Church. And he wore that shirt when I first met him, then I asked him to wear it again so I could show everyone there is someone with a Redskins jersey here.

That plate of green stuff, it is called "Indolay", and I can guarantee that I spelled it wrong, but that is how you say it. And yeah I liked it, even though there was some piece of meat in there, and its little bones were all mixed in it and kept poking the inside of my mouth, but it was still good.

I only need one mattress on my bed, but the other missionaries put those on my bed while I was in the shower. We had all gotten new mattresses a few weeks ago, so we have 4 mattresses in our living room doing nothing, and for some reason they put them all on my bed one night.

So the Christmas program went pretty well. There was a talk by one of the missionaries, and then Sister Willis gave one. Then, two members read from the scriptures, one in English and one in French. Btw, I don't know if I told you, but there are a lot of anglophones in our branch, so we have Sunday School and some of the talks in English as well as French. But they just read about Jesus' birth and stuff, and the primary sang a song, and so did the branch president's daughter. But it was funny, because someone wrote down the scripture references for the two people to read, accidentally wrote "Matthew 1:1-something" instead of "Matthew 2:1-something", so they read a whole bunch of somebody begat this person verses.

We did buy a Christmas tree, but it is not an evergreen tree, it is a plastic tree. We got it with some lights for 4000 CFA. It is about 4 feet tall, but we put it on a some boxes so it looks better. We also got a star and some other decoration things for 500 CFA, I'll send a picture of it.

So now, we have 3 people preparing to be baptized on January 2nd! I think last time I talked about Phillip, and the father of the Sayé family. And now, Laura, who I've also talked about, wants to get baptized then as well. She has been coming to church ever since Elder T got here a while ago. They told me she was going to her church one day, where her brother is the pastor, but saw the sign for our church, went to it that day, and has been back every week since. Except, she didn't come last week, because she was sick. And also her fan broke. So we, as in I, carried her fan from her place to another member's work, where he fixed it, and also an extra fan from our apartment to her house, and back, this week. And there is no comfortable way to carry a fan. And she lives not very close.

Lets see, what else. Oh, yesterday and the day before we taught 19 lessons. We would have gotten back to back 10 lessons days, except our second to last rendez-vous yesterday didn't work, but that's ok. Oh, and I met the mission president this morning for the first time! His name is President Headlee, as you probably know. But, Dad, I found out something really cool; he served in the Brussels, Belgium mission! So that's sweet, but he served in '69-ish, I told him you served in '81-ish, I think that is correct.

But this morning, he told us some veeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy interesting things. First, he says that in July, they are planning to split the mission! I don't know if that means Cameroon will be in a different mission or what, but he said it is physically impossible for him to go everywhere and do all the things with missionaries and members that he needs to do. He also acts as the stake president for the members in the mission. But, he said he had spent the last 5 days in Burundi. Right now, there are no missionaries in Burundi, but there are something like 3,000 people there waiting to be baptized! Apparently, there are a handful of preachers or whatever who have gotten the Book of Mormon, gained a testimony of it and started using it with their congregations, and its just spread. So yeah, that is amazing, he said he is trying to get them Gospel Principles so they can use that, but I would want to be the first missionaries sent there.

President Headlee also said in the next few months in the mission, 10 missionaries will go home, and about 70 new ones will go out, so yeah. Basically, from talking with him for about 15 minutes, the message I got is that the church is growing like crazy in some places in our mission (but not so quickly here). So we are having the real zone conference on Monday morning, so I'll tell you more next time.

But today, we went to this place to buy presents for our secret Santa thing we are doing, and while we were waiting, I played this guy in a game called "Helehe" or something, but it is basically like the game Mancala. Elder T said I was going to lose, but I won, so ha. And the whole time the guy explained it to me in French, and I understood it all, so that was cool too.

So, like I told you, there are areas in this mission where the church is growing like crazy. Apparently there was a branch that organized itself down in Point-Noire because there were a lot of people who wanted one, even though they had no Priesthood leaders or anything. But here, not so much like that. As I've said, we get a whole lot of teaching appointments, but its hard to get people to come to church. There are people who say they like what we talk about, they think the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet, but they still stay at their whatever protestant church.

But even with some frustrating things, its great, even though it just gets hotter and hotter. It sounds like you guys are doing well and having fun getting ready for Christmas. Scott, Jacob, and Andrea, you are out of school for winter now if I'm not mistaken. Today I got a bunch of letters sent by Bro. Osmond, I assume from kids in Sunday School. And I also got a letter thing from Grandma and Grandpa Palmer, but not the package from you yet. But I'm looking forward to calling you guys, and enjoy the break from work and school and things!

Je vous aime,

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