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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Eric returned home on August 27th, 2011!!!!!

He was transferred to Yaounde, Cameroon on August 13th, 2010.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Eric's email of November 19th, 2009

Ok, so question responses first off:

Yes, of course I take my malaria medicine everyday.

I wear shoes pretty much every day, but sometimes I do wear the sandals if its a shorter day or something like that. But the brown shoes especially are very comfortable. But there aren't any clothes I wish I had, except maybe some soccer cleats.

So every two weeks we get 40,000 francs, which is about $80. But its not too hard to budget, I have a bit left over from last time.

Yes we are living in an apartment, but I don't think we have a landlord. If we do I've never seen him. But we get along with everyone in the building, but we barely ever see people, cuz we leave after most leave for work, and get back after them, too.

And yes, I've talked about Corner Gas (a TV show) with them (the Canadian Elders), but no one else has watched it as much as us. But they do know what it is.

Yeah, we are really lucky to be able to teach so much. Our goal is to get 40 lessons a week. Last week we came close with 37 or something, but we haven't quite gotten it yet.

So I guess I'll tell you about some of the people we are teaching specifically:

Right now we are teaching this one family called the Sahi/Saye (something like that) family. And right now only the 2 parents listen each time. But they are awesome, and basically asked us what they need to do to get baptized. All we need to do is finish teaching all the commandments, but they haven't been to church yet, because the dad messed up his knee playing soccer so its hard for him to do anything, especially walk to church. But this week the Willis' are coming to our church, so we are going to try to get then to pick up the family and drive them to church.

We are also teaching this older lady named Priso. We have also taught her all the stuff except the commandments, and she likes what we say and even sends her kids to the English class every Saturday, so I guess she trusts us somewhat. And she has been to church the past 3 weeks as well. But she is still praying to see if the Book of Mormon is true, but things are going well with her. Oh, and she gave me my Douala name, "Belle" (probably not spelled right). I don't really know why, but he was some Doualan prince guy. And her nephew is the branch missionary, and apparently he told a bunch of people that my name is Belle, so I get called that a lot now.

And so the branch missionary is named Grant, and he is the man. They told me when they were teaching him it took him a long time to finally get baptized and fix some issues, but now he is awesome. He works with us usually twice a week, once with each companionship. And he is 25 years old, and they gave him a "Preach My Gospel" and he says he wants to go on a mission! And last Saturday morning, me and Elder Lisowski went to play soccer with him and a bunch of his friends. We only played one 15 minute game, but it was still awesome. People play here way more physically, and they have great footwork. But sometimes they still get too fancy and such, so as long as you stay in front of them and don't give in to their fakes, and play physical as well, you do well. We are going to play again next week, and we should be able to play more.

Oh, and Dad! The other day when we were waiting for a taxi to go to the hospital, some guy came up to us and started speaking to us in English. And it wasn't African English, it was more normal English. But he is a member of the church, for about 3 years now, but he lives in Belgium! I don't know where, but I just thought that was cool. He is just visiting Douala for about 3 weeks.

But yeah, that's about everything I can think of from this week. I hope everyone is doing well in school and such. Its weird to think its November, because it is so dang hot it seems like its always summer.


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