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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Je jure aux singes


Sorry last weeks email was short and probably boring. But things here are still going well. I'm glad to hear peeps are doing well in Virginia. I'm sorry to Scott Jacob and Andrea that they had to got back to school, but that's not too horrible, I hope. And thanks Dad for the false alarm on Utah score update, I thought you were going to tell me Utah beat BYU, but that's still pretty good news. (Utes beat UNLV.)

So tonight at the Willis' I'll get a photo with them and also send some Kribi photos. And I'll also try to explain the old ones there, I forgot what pictures I sent exactly. And Dad, I don't think you would lose any weight with the Cameroonian diet I am on. But I do do exercises every morning except Sunday. Me and Elder Lee, after playing basketball decided we were too out of shape, so we decided to run 3 times a week, but that didn't last very long because we just got ridiculously tired, and I don't care enough. But I have been working out with weights and junk for the past 2 or more months. So I don't think I'm completely weaksauce anymore.

Oh, and before I forget, I need someone to send me my church membership number, because the missionary email thing is doing some upgrade with google, and I need that number. It would be really good if you got that to me today so I can finish that registering deal tonight. And that is why I haven't been able to send letters to Sang, and now Spencer too.

So at Kribi itself, we didn't have a whole lot of time. But there were 5 of us elders and the Willis'. So the Willis' just relaxed in the car with AC or in the shade, while we went on the beach for a while. Me and Elder Landress threw the football around for a while, and the others spent forever taking wimpy pictures.

Then we walked down the shore to this sweet waterfall and took pictures there, and told like 3 different people we didn't want a tour or any beer.

Also saw some people bathing there, and some old European in a speedo, from a distance thankfully. Then we went over to this hotel place and had lunch. It was really empty. We met the owner lady, she is from Switzerland but she spoke English still. And I had some delicious shrimp meal, I think it was called "Cravette de sauce pinquante de l'anana", (Crevettes aux sauce piquante de l'ananas) Dad should be able to figure that out. (shrimp in spicy pineapple sauce) And then we just chilled on the beach for a little bit, and we had to head back before it was too late. Unfortunately we didn't have too much time with getting stopped and stuff, but it was still good. Oh, and I have gotten stopped one other time with the Willis', on Thanksgiving when we were going to play football, and also one time in a taxi. But if you've got your papers, they can't do anything. And also one time we got stopped by some people in another taxi faking being cops. And when they saw we were legit, they just got in their car a drove off.(Explaining times when he was stopped by police.)

But as for l'oeuvre missionaire, things are moving a bit. This Saturday is the first activity in Bonabéri ever to be planned by the members, rather than the missionaries. And the theme is the Plan of Salvation. They are planning on watching a Plan of Salvation movie, some members explain/bear testimony, and there will be refreshments. Hopefully, it will be a success. We'll see.

But not much time, I'll go right into my spiritual thought of the week. So, with our new program and such, we need to be more effective when we teach, and not waste time with lessons that ain't doin' nothin'. So Tuesday this week, we had a full day and taught 8 lessons. And we had several so-so, not that great lessons. And my comp, Elder Lee, said he really didn't like some of the last lessons, especially one where the lady wasn't really understanding the pre-earth life. I didn't think it was bad, its just wasn't that good. But then lastly we had a lesson with Laura, who was just baptized in January. We had a lesson on missionary work, she also talked about the blessings she has seen since her baptism, we sang a song before we closed, and the Spirit was there. And that's what I decided was the huge difference, the Spirit being there. I didn't really feel anything that great during some of the other lessons during the day, but in the lesson with Laura that was probably the main difference why it was so much better. So I decided, I just gotta pay attention to the Spirit better, and that will help us work more efficiently.

Well that's that, that's all I'll write for now but will send some pictures of Kribi tonight. The internet is being slow today so I want to try to email some amis. Also if you can send an email of this to Sang and Spencer, that would be good, because I can't contact them until my internet is upgraded too. Hope this week goes well, even though the kids got to go to school.

Je vous aime bien,
- Eric

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